Elegant Wedding Shoes Wedges

Written By tutorial blogger on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | 12:05 PM

The wedge shoe compliments a summer gauzy wedding dress, making it a very cool funky shoe for a summer wedding. Wedding shoe wedges are notoriously easy to wear and add height, without the uncomfortableness of a stiletto. The wedge is more comfortable because it holds the foot from the toe to the heel, helping keep the balance of the wearer.

Wedges come in different styles and colors, just as regular heels. One specific type of heel that wedge shoe commonly has, and most normal heels do not, is the cork heel. The cork heel makes the wedge shoe very comfortable and extremely lightweight, perfect for summer. The soft cork heel have a strong cushion for the feet. Along with different heel styles, wedges com in sandal, open toe, and closed toe, making it a terrific option for any season of wedding.

On your wedding day you will want to be elegant and comfortable because you’ll be on your feet a lot and perhaps walking to and from places, dancing, getting photos taken, and the last thing you need are blisters on your toes. The main bridal shoe designs are not very comfortable and the heels are often hard to walk in. However, there are many comfy and elegant wedge shoes that have high heels and yet with padding or cork or plastic wedges.

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