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This year has marked a turning point in wedding cakes — buttercream icing is in, fondant icing is out! Abandoning their dreams of beautiful cakes devoid of taste, brides are choosing wedding cakes that showcase taste as well as style. Bakers have seen the rise in requests for buttercream frosting with a smooth iced finish.

For me, this is a trend long overdue! An avid lover of all types of cakes (and yes, my waistline does show it a bit), I have been disappointed with most wedding cakes in the last few years. I will never forget the excitement I felt while admiring the most beautiful cake I had ever seen. The bride’s cake was a replica of a stunning European cathedral — complete with bell tower, stained glass windows, and baptistery. All the guests circled the cake table in admiration of the meticulously detailed fondant cake. None of the guests could wait to dig in!

But to all our dismay, the fondant was as as crispy and dry as melba toast. The flavorless cake was devoid of taste and lacked moisture. We drank our beverages to add enough liquid to swallow our first bite, then set our plates aside with disappointment. Plate after plate of uneaten wedding cake covered the dining tables. It was then that I realized it wasn’t enough for a cake to beautiful…it had to be edible and tasty too!

Don’t let this happen to you. In these tight economic times, save your money on intricately detailed cakes in favor of one whose taste is impressively delicious. Embrace traditional buttercream icings and preserve fillings. Ask your baker for their top flavor offerings. And, don’t underestimate the love everyone has for a moist white cake with buttercream frosting. After all, who doesn’t love a simple but freshly made cake?

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